for your kind words.

We have a nice following for every chat but people message or post nice things and we’ve decided to take note of them.  Thank you to all of our #WritersWise folk.

We love it all too.

I have forgotten in the last wee while to include all the lovely things #WritersWise peeps tell us. The chats can be frantic fun, and I forget to log all the loveliness. Here’s one lovely recent observation, from a social media guru, Paul Dunphy! (I know!!) but thank you to all our lovely contributors. It is my favourite hour on twitter. 

@pauldunphy says;

Looking forward to Sharon. I’ve been watching tonight and it’s a wonderful, supportive and fun group 👏👏👏👏

21st Sept with @ladynicci.

@Adelebooks – ‘And as always the fastest most info packed hour of the month’.

@Adellekenny – ‘I literally cannot keep up with #WritersWise tonight. Brilliant Session! I would need five screens on the go.’

@ladynicci – ‘I’ve just done this chat while b-feeding! Where there’s a will there’s a way! Hard, but we are determined it seems.’

@paulinemorgan56 – ‘…. many thanks for a first time experience of taking part in #writerswise. It was fast but brilliant and the topic was very interesting reading other peoples views. I came away with new knowledge and friendships so thanks for a fab evening :)’

@lisareadsbooks – ‘Thanks all for a great #WritersWise. It really is a lovely thing and gives me a boost.’