#WritersWise tweet-chat 18th July 9-10pm BST. Why attend writing workshops?

Topic – Why attend Writing Workshops?

Layout for 18th July tweet-chat below. All welcome to join the chat. 

Introductions at hullos at 9pm BST. Questions below are to tweet about for the hour and they will be placed up (by the hosts) at intervals during the hour. Chat using #WritersWise on every tweet!

T1 Do you attend writing workshops often? How often?

T2 What is it about writing workshops that appeals/doesn’t appeal?

T3 What ones would you recommend or like to attend?

T4 What topics do you most enjoy/get benefit from at literary workshops?

Closing thoughts and goodbyes at 10pm BST.

Next chat is on Thursday 30th July. 





#WritersWise @ladynicci on ‘Influence of True Crime on Writing.’ 4th July 9-10pm BST /4pm ET. All welcome.

Transcript of tweet-chat with Nicola Cassidy. Click here.


Link to Nicola’s new novel #TheNannyatNumber43 here

Topic for the hour on 4th July 9-10pm BST 4pm ET on #WritersWise is ‘The Influence of True Crime in our writing.’

Format – Introductions and hullos for first few mins. 

Then the questions are popped up by us (@sharontwriter/@drlfarrell) at intervals through the hour.

T1. Do you read/have interest in true crime?

T2 How might true crime influence what you read/write?

T3 What are the advantages of using true crime as basis for fiction?

T4 Disadvantages of same.

T5 Could you please RT + follow @ladynicci on her launch week, thank u.

Closing Thoughts 

Next #WritersWise is on Thurs 18th July.



#WritersWise June 27th with @TinaACallaghan on ‘Starting & Finishing your novel’. 9-10pm BST.

WritersWise is on June 27th at 9-10pm BST. Questions below will be posted at intervals for the hour to keep us all on track of the topic.
Writers/Readers at all stages welcome to join the chat on

‘Starting and finishing your novel’? 

Opening Introductions. 
T1 How do you start your novel? Handwritten/Scrivener? Planned/panster? 
T2 What are the first obstacles we encounter with a work in progress (WIP)?
T3 What nuggets of advice have we on overcoming the first writing obstacles? 
T4 How do you know your novel is ‘finished’? How do we make sure it is the best it can be?
T5 What do you do then once the novel is finished?
Closing Thoughts CT.
Next #WritersWise is with Nicola Cassidy on 4th July. (to be confirmed as it is launch week for her latest novel).

#WritersWise Thursday 13th June 9-10pm BST with @hearmeroarmedia/@EmmaHayes25 on PR&Marketing for writers.

Hear me Roar PR company link.

Link to transcript of entire chat on 13th June with PR company Hear Me Roar Media.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 10.42.30

#WritersWise will be a tweet-chat on Marketing & PR for writers in 2019. Our guest-host is Hear Me Roar Media – Contemporary PR for the digital age.

Hear me Roar Media helps Start-ups, SME’s and authors/writers find their audience and tell their unique stories across Ireland and the UK. Hear Me Roar Media wants to do things a little differently from the traditional model of PR and communications. We want to take your story and creatively magnify it to your targeted audience, in a way that fills people with recognition for your brand, product/service or book.

Emma Hayes runs Hear Me Roar Media a PR/communications agency for writers, start-ups and SMEs. Emma has experience working as a successful Freelance Writer she is also an Aspiring Author having written her first book which she is about to start submitting to agents.

Questions for Tweet-chat on June 13th to keep the conversation on track are;

1. Why should writers send out a press release about their book?

2. Why is PR for writers important?

3. Does building an online profile matter?

4. How do you prepare for media attention?

5. What’s the best way to pitch to the media?

Our next #WritersWise is with Tina Callaghan on 27th June 2019 9-10pm BST


#WritersWise Tweet-chat to Launch @sheilaforsey’s new novel ‘Kilbride House’. Topic – can buildings become characters in novels? 6th June 2019 9-10pm GMT.

Transcript of chat from 6th June 2019 available on this link Transcript Sheila’s tweet-chat.

#WritersWise tweet-chat with Sheila Forsey on the launch of her new novel Kilbride House. 6th June 9-10pm GMT. All welcome to join us.



Topic – Can buildings become like characters in novels?

Introduction and hullos

The conversation will focus around the follow questions. These will be popped up at intervals during the hour chat.

T1 Can we think of any buildings from literature that linger in our memory?

T2 What makes these buildings stick in people’s minds?

T3. What are the difficulties of having one building feature heavily in a novel?

T4. How can writers write buildings so that they make a lasting impression?

T5. Can we all like, share and follow Sheila Forsey on the launch of her new novel Kilbride House please? We’d really appreciate it.

Click here to purchase Sheila’s new novel Kilbride House.

The next #WritersWise is on Thursday 13th on PR and Marketing for Writers.


Trailer for Sheila’s new novel Kilbride House.





16th May with @RyanerWriter on ‘Things to do before you’re published.’ #WritersWise

#WritersWise is back with debut novelist of ’47 seconds’, Jane Ryan on the topic ‘Things to do before you’re published.’

Join us Thursday 16th May 9-10pm GMT.

47 Seconds by Jane Ryan purchase link here.

My interview with Jane Ryan on Indulgeme.ie here


Topic for #WritersWise – ‘Things to do before you are published.’

Introductions and Hullos.

Q1. Why is it important to prepare for publication?

Q2. What are the most important aspects to focus on weeks/months before publication?

Q3. What should you avoid or ignore coming up to publication?

Q4 What things are vital for weeks/days before publication?

Q5 What links or websites might help people in preparing for publication?

Closing Thoughts.

Remember to use the hashtag #WritersWise on every tweet for the hour on the 16th May 9-10pm GMT. Also think about clicking on purchase link to Jane’s book

47 Seconds by Jane Ryan purchase link here.

Our next tweet-chat is planned for June 6th with Sheila Forsey on the publication date of her novel Kilbride House.




‘Let’s talk Crime’ with Casey King on #WritersWise Thurs 7th Feb 9-10pm @letstalkcrime.



Casey King Casey King is a crime writer and crime fighter. Casey is from Cork, Ireland. With a Diploma in Policing Studies, Casey has ventured into writing police procedurals, as well as providing consultation for other crime writers.

Casey loves motivating those who have the will and potential to write; there is always a way. Casey has also been known to turn her hand to poetry, plays and short stories. Her Certificate in Human Resources Management may come in handy one day, along with the Script Writing course she has completed. Casey is currently working on a sequel to her debut novel. When not writing, she loves dancing, reading, art, meeting friends and has been known to mix up a mean cocktail. @letstalkcrime

Topic Police Procedurals – Let’s Talk Crime.

T1 Do you read/write police procedurals? What ones?

T2 What are the musts for writing police procedurals as a reader and a writer?

T3 What are the advantages of writing/reading police procedurals?

T4. Have you any questions on police procedures for Casey?

T5. Where can we go to learn police procedures other than ask the knowledgable Casey King here?

Closing thoughts.

Our next WritersWise chat is on the 21st Feb with Vivian Conroy.


Thursday 7th February – #WritersWise on 9-10pm GMT.  See you all then.