#WritersWise Thurs 21st Nov 9-10pm BST with @marisanoelle77 on “Writing YA (Young Adult) Fiction”.

#WritersWise tweet-chat is on Nov 21st 9-10pm BST. All welcome to tweet for the hour.

Topic/Title is “Writing YA fiction”

Questions after Intro

(1)how is YA fiction different to adult?

(2) What themes are addressed more in YA fiction?

(3) Is there a difference between show and tell in YA and adult fiction?

(4) IS YA fiction as a category limiting to adults who might enjoy it?

(5) What YA fiction have you read and enjoyed?

Introductions for 5 mins or so. Questions will then be put up at spaced out timed intervals by @drlfarrell on #WritersWise and everyone can answer the following using the hashtag #WritersWise each time please.

Marisa Noelle is a #WritersWise regular and her book is out now.


Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 14.41.11

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-unadjusteds-marisa-noelle/ & https://www.bookdepository.com/The-Unadjusteds-Marisa-Noelle/9781948115032)

Website: www.marisanoelle.com & www.TheUnadjusteds.com

Twitter & Instagram: @MarisaNoelle77

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18305427.Marisa_Noelle


#WritersWise Oct 10th 9-10PM BST Guest @Bredajoy Where to find writing groups on social media.


#WritersWise tweet-chat is on Oct 10th 9-10pm BST. All welcome to tweet for the hour.

Topic: Where to find writing groups on social media?

Introductions for 5 mins or so. Questions will then be put up at spaced out timed intervals by @drlfarrell on #WritersWise and everyone can answer the following using the hashtag #WritersWise each time please.

T1. When a writer is new to social media – have we got positive tips for them?

T2. Why is a social media presence important to writers?

T3 What are the pitfalls we’ve found with using social media?

T4 What online writers’ groups have you found beneficial and why?

T5 Can you follow and RT a pinned tweet from one other #WritersWise participant please. Thank you. Connect with @Bredajoy now too. 🙂 

Closing thoughts.

Our guest-host is;

Breda Joy is a native of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. She is the author of a novel, Eat the Moon (Poolbeg Press, 2018) and three books of non-fiction, Brian Crowley: Against the Odds, A Biography  (Brandon Press, 1996); Hidden Kerry, The Keys to the Kingdom (Mercier Press, 2014), and The Wit & Wisdom of Kerry (Mercier Press, 2015). 

She was a finalist in the 2016 GreenBean Novel Fair at the Irish Writers’ Centre, Dublin. She has been short listed for the Francis MacManus Short Story Competition (2011); long listed for the RTE Guide Penguin Ireland Short Story (2012); a winner in the inaugural, Trócaire/Poetry Ireland Award (2012), and a winner in the Kerry County County Council One Act Play Competition (2005).

A graduate of the M. Phil. in Creative Writing Programme (2010/2011) at Trinity College Dublin, she has had poetry published in literary journals including The Stony Thursday Book, Icarus and the Cork Literary Review.

A winner in the ESB National Media Awards (1997), she has worked as a regional journalist with Kerry’s Eye and The Kerryman newspapers in her native Killarney, as well as with the Leader Group in Melbourne. She is a regular contributor to Radio Kerry and features on RTE Radio and television.

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/breda.joy.1; https://www.facebook.com/Hidden-Kerry-The-Keys-to-the-Kingdom-by-writer-Breda-Joy-676522885786840/; https://twitter.com/writerbredajoy/status/672195062013558784

Her book is EAT THE MOON

‘A blend of family, community and love of a horse paints a picture of an Ireland that could only be created by someone who knows her people’ Alice Taylor

Man was about to step on the moon, the Beatles were on the rooftops, and the first Concord was on the runway – in 1969, the whole world was changing, and fast.

Rural Ireland was changing too. But as this gripping new novel, Eat the Moon, shows, every field and every cow still had a name, and parents and children, families and communities were still inextricably bound together – through even the most testing traumas.

The heart-stopping drama revolves around a traumatic event involving

Kieran O’Mahony, a rising Cork hurling star, with the world at his feet and one spirited local girl in his heart. The event threatens to tear the family asunder.

The story opens in the kitchen of his family farm as Neil Armstrong prepares to set foot on the moon. Like the Apollo astronauts, Kieran and his family begin a voyage away from the familiar.

Their journey back from the dark side of the moon involves one exceptional moon-silver horse, the bonds of family, the wisdom of age and the passionate loyalty of youth.

 Purchase EAT THE MOON here




#WritersWise 22nd August 9-10pm BST with @TinaACallaghan on Pros & Cons of being a pantser?

Join the chat 9-10pm BST on 22nd August.

During the hour the questions will be posted up at intervals for general discussion.

All are welcome to comment/question on the host’s topic.

Daughter of the Storm by Tina Callaghan purchase link.

Topic – Writing Process. The Pros and Cons of being a pantser? 


T1 Plotter or pantser? Does it vary? How?

T2. Pros of being a pantser?

T3. Pros of being a plotter/ Cons of being a pantser.

T4. What are your general tips for writing (YA).

Closing thoughts & please share and RT Tina’s new book.


Tina Callaghan is a writer of supernatural fiction. Her first young adult supernatural thriller, Dark Wood Dark Water, published by Poolbeg Press, is available from bookshops and online. Dark Wood Dark Water was shortlisted for the YA book of the Year in the An Post Irish Book Awards 2018. Her short fiction has been longlisted for the Best Horror of the Year and she is anthologized with Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Her second novel, Daughter of the Storm, is coming soon.

Daughter of the Storm by Tina Callaghan


Lia needs to find out why her father jumped from the cliff onto the Devil s Teeth rocks below. The only way to understand what happened is to go to the isolated weather-beaten island herself.

However, there s more to the island than cliffs and storms and history. It also has its close-knit people. Like Ed, a young man who s troubled and almost ready to leave; Lia’s Uncle Harry and his secretive friends; heavily pregnant Becky and her worried parents Rose and Frank.

Everyone is either dreading the violent winter storms to come or, strangely, praying for them.

And then there s the Hall, the crumbling, brooding mansion that has held all of the island s secrets for centuries. It s out there, on the edge of the grey sea, and the coming storm will release all that it has hidden.

Lia, Ed and the others are trapped on the island by the storm, fighting for more than their survival. They must fight to save their immortal souls

Join us on 22nd August and follow hashtag and here for details of September’s chat. 


#WritersWise @ladynicci on ‘Influence of True Crime on Writing.’ 4th July 9-10pm BST /4pm ET. All welcome.

Transcript of tweet-chat with Nicola Cassidy. Click here.


Link to Nicola’s new novel #TheNannyatNumber43 here

Topic for the hour on 4th July 9-10pm BST 4pm ET on #WritersWise is ‘The Influence of True Crime in our writing.’

Format – Introductions and hullos for first few mins. 

Then the questions are popped up by us (@sharontwriter/@drlfarrell) at intervals through the hour.

T1. Do you read/have interest in true crime?

T2 How might true crime influence what you read/write?

T3 What are the advantages of using true crime as basis for fiction?

T4 Disadvantages of same.

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Closing Thoughts 

Next #WritersWise is on Thurs 18th July.



#WritersWise June 27th with @TinaACallaghan on ‘Starting & Finishing your novel’. 9-10pm BST.

WritersWise is on June 27th at 9-10pm BST. Questions below will be posted at intervals for the hour to keep us all on track of the topic.
Writers/Readers at all stages welcome to join the chat on

‘Starting and finishing your novel’? 

Opening Introductions. 
T1 How do you start your novel? Handwritten/Scrivener? Planned/panster? 
T2 What are the first obstacles we encounter with a work in progress (WIP)?
T3 What nuggets of advice have we on overcoming the first writing obstacles? 
T4 How do you know your novel is ‘finished’? How do we make sure it is the best it can be?
T5 What do you do then once the novel is finished?
Closing Thoughts CT.
Next #WritersWise is with Nicola Cassidy on 4th July. (to be confirmed as it is launch week for her latest novel).

#WritersWise Thursday 13th June 9-10pm BST with @hearmeroarmedia/@EmmaHayes25 on PR&Marketing for writers.

Hear me Roar PR company link.

Link to transcript of entire chat on 13th June with PR company Hear Me Roar Media.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 10.42.30

#WritersWise will be a tweet-chat on Marketing & PR for writers in 2019. Our guest-host is Hear Me Roar Media – Contemporary PR for the digital age.

Hear me Roar Media helps Start-ups, SME’s and authors/writers find their audience and tell their unique stories across Ireland and the UK. Hear Me Roar Media wants to do things a little differently from the traditional model of PR and communications. We want to take your story and creatively magnify it to your targeted audience, in a way that fills people with recognition for your brand, product/service or book.

Emma Hayes runs Hear Me Roar Media a PR/communications agency for writers, start-ups and SMEs. Emma has experience working as a successful Freelance Writer she is also an Aspiring Author having written her first book which she is about to start submitting to agents.

Questions for Tweet-chat on June 13th to keep the conversation on track are;

1. Why should writers send out a press release about their book?

2. Why is PR for writers important?

3. Does building an online profile matter?

4. How do you prepare for media attention?

5. What’s the best way to pitch to the media?

Our next #WritersWise is with Tina Callaghan on 27th June 2019 9-10pm BST


#WritersWise Tweet-chat to Launch @sheilaforsey’s new novel ‘Kilbride House’. Topic – can buildings become characters in novels? 6th June 2019 9-10pm GMT.

Transcript of chat from 6th June 2019 available on this link Transcript Sheila’s tweet-chat.

#WritersWise tweet-chat with Sheila Forsey on the launch of her new novel Kilbride House. 6th June 9-10pm GMT. All welcome to join us.



Topic – Can buildings become like characters in novels?

Introduction and hullos

The conversation will focus around the follow questions. These will be popped up at intervals during the hour chat.

T1 Can we think of any buildings from literature that linger in our memory?

T2 What makes these buildings stick in people’s minds?

T3. What are the difficulties of having one building feature heavily in a novel?

T4. How can writers write buildings so that they make a lasting impression?

T5. Can we all like, share and follow Sheila Forsey on the launch of her new novel Kilbride House please? We’d really appreciate it.

Click here to purchase Sheila’s new novel Kilbride House.

The next #WritersWise is on Thursday 13th on PR and Marketing for Writers.


Trailer for Sheila’s new novel Kilbride House.