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As our aim is to help writers, here’s a list of some bloggers who interacted with our chats. They are in no particular order.

Please get in touch if you would like your blog on the list. If I’ve omitted you – tell me. If the link to your blog isn’t working – tell me.  or @sharontwriter.

  • There’s a great array of talent and topics for you to browse.
  • Start your research here on how blogging looks.
  • Expand your blog following with many different genres and subjects.


@drlfarrell –  Columnist with BMJ, Award-winning writer and broadcaster.

@davidkeanedub – ‘Writer based in Dublin Ireland. Creative Writing course.Theatre Reviewer.’ (Ps you gotta see his dog)

@uisgebeatha – ‘Writings from the Otherworld. A journey in, around and under Edinburgh’.

@ciararightnow – ‘Here’s what I’m thinking right now.’

@katyallanby – ‘Tales and ruminations from the dreamer out in the sheds.’

@littlemisssalt1 – Writer and mother of a CF fighter.

@aravenousrogue – ‘Seeking the incredible of Edible.’

@office_mum – Award winning blog of a mum just trying to keep her balance.

@bookgeek90 –

@noelle_kelly – Banshee Irish Horror Blog

@adellekenny – ‘Dodees to Daquiris and everything in between’

@lifeoffreedomlr – ‘Create a life of Freedom’

@Jazzfeathers – ‘Dieselpunk Roaring Twenties. Sarah Zama’s Author Blog.’

@northernbindi – “Momma up North. Brit-Indian Northern lass blending cultures & raising a complex family.”

@booksofallkinds- book blogger and reviewer.

@apallan – ‘Chatter. In the process of converting my Memories into You-Tube videos/Blogs.’

@hipmumsrelax – ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff. Relax, Recharge, Rethink.’

@evemcd999 – Artist and children’s book writer. Art work available under name Eve McDonnell at

@red_pen_edits – Editing and Proof reading services.

@minisandmum – ‘A parenting, travel and lifestyle blog.’

@BRMaycock –  ‘BR Maycock’s Book Blog’

@trickearney – ‘My thoughts on a page. Living, Laughing, Loving, Loathing.’

@margaretmadden – ‘Blogger/book reviewer for Sunday Independent  etc.’

@Fallenbluehalo – psychoanalyist, traveller and writer.

@Maurawrites – Columnist and blogger. “Falling for a farmer.”

@ladynicci – ‘Lifestyle, parenting and Literary Blog.’

@marisanoelle77 – Writer &

@lorna_sixsmith – farmer and writer

@Thetbrpile – reviews and author interviews.

@blissinthebog – “The journey with a life limited child.” http://www.transitioningangels

@alanakirkwords – Grin and Tonic + The Sandwich years –

@susannahbranson – “The Tea Lady”

@deirdrereidy – “Thinking out loud. Only quietly and on screen.”

@lisareadsbooks – ‘Madwoman in the attic”

@realtastypages – “I like to read big books I cannot lie” –