16th May with @RyanerWriter on ‘Things to do before you’re published.’ #WritersWise

#WritersWise is back with debut novelist of ’47 seconds’, Jane Ryan on the topic ‘Things to do before you’re published.’

Join us Thursday 16th May 9-10pm GMT.

47 Seconds by Jane Ryan purchase link here.

My interview with Jane Ryan on Indulgeme.ie here


Topic for #WritersWise – ‘Things to do before you are published.’

Introductions and Hullos.

Q1. Why is it important to prepare for publication?

Q2. What are the most important aspects to focus on weeks/months before publication?

Q3. What should you avoid or ignore coming up to publication?

Q4 What things are vital for weeks/days before publication?

Q5 What links or websites might help people in preparing for publication?

Closing Thoughts.

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47 Seconds by Jane Ryan purchase link here.

Our next tweet-chat is planned for June 6th with Sheila Forsey on the publication date of her novel Kilbride House.




‘Let’s talk Crime’ with Casey King on #WritersWise Thurs 7th Feb 9-10pm @letstalkcrime.



Casey King Casey King is a crime writer and crime fighter. Casey is from Cork, Ireland. With a Diploma in Policing Studies, Casey has ventured into writing police procedurals, as well as providing consultation for other crime writers.

Casey loves motivating those who have the will and potential to write; there is always a way. Casey has also been known to turn her hand to poetry, plays and short stories. Her Certificate in Human Resources Management may come in handy one day, along with the Script Writing course she has completed. Casey is currently working on a sequel to her debut novel. When not writing, she loves dancing, reading, art, meeting friends and has been known to mix up a mean cocktail. @letstalkcrime

Topic Police Procedurals – Let’s Talk Crime.

T1 Do you read/write police procedurals? What ones?

T2 What are the musts for writing police procedurals as a reader and a writer?

T3 What are the advantages of writing/reading police procedurals?

T4. Have you any questions on police procedures for Casey?

T5. Where can we go to learn police procedures other than ask the knowledgable Casey King here?

Closing thoughts.

Our next WritersWise chat is on the 21st Feb with Vivian Conroy.


Thursday 7th February – #WritersWise on 9-10pm GMT.  See you all then. 



#WritersWise Jan 27th 9-10pm GMT with @sharontwriter on ‘What Writers Need’.

 Join us on 27th Jan to kick off 2019

here on #WritersWise.


Topic for the chat ‘What do writers need?’

Q1. What support do you need as a writer?

Q2 What obstacles hinder writers writing.

Q3. Name ways you support writers.

Q4 Name organisations/websites or places which help writers.

Q5 Would anyone like to guest-host #WritersWise sometime in 2019?

Check out our guidelines on how to take part. It is easy. Just use #WritersWise on all your tweets for the hour, so that we can see you in the madness and fun of twitter.

We also want to help promote Sharon Thompson’s new novel ‘The Healer’. It is being published on 22nd January.

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 Sharon’s debut novel is available here –  The Abandoned

Sharon Thompson - The   Abandoned_cover_high res.jpg

If you need support in your writing, check out Sharon’s online writing group Indulgeinwriting.com

starts feb 1st

See you all on twitter 24th Jan 9-10pm GMT for ‘What Writers Need.’


#WritersWise XMAS party & celebrating launch of My Virtual Life by Sharon Dempsey 20th Dec 9-10pm GMT.

Why not join us for a #WritersWise bash on 20th December 2018. The last for 2018! What a year it has been!!

Sharon Dempsey @svjdempz book My Virtual Life is out now and we’ll all celebrate our own virtual lives with her on the 20th too!


Link to Sharon’s book below. Congratulations Sharon and we will talk all things writing and Christmas on the 20th!




#WritersWise Delves into the #SelfPublishing world with @BRMaycock on 13th Dec 9-10PM GMT.


Transcript of Bernadette’s tweet-chat on Self Publishing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 19.19.01

Bernadette Maycock’s second novel ‘Snowday’ is out now Click here to view it.

Sometimes hot cocoa just isn’t enough to keep you warm in the snow…
Eloise is too busy juggling the chaos of three kids, an ever present ex-husband and a demanding boss to even remember the last time dating crossed her mind.
But as soft snow falls silently all around, romance twinkles with the flakes.
After being single for so long, Eloise suddenly has a lot of choices. Too many choices. Will anyone be worthy of melting the guard around her heart to let love in?
A fun-filled, festive read for fans of Christie Barlow, Fiona Gibson and Colleen Coleman.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 14.12.20

Bernadette is also a top reviewer and book blogger. BRMaycock’s Book Blog.

Topic for Bernadette’s chat is ‘Self Publishing. What you always wanted to know.’

T1. Have you self-published? Read self-published books? Which ones?

T2. Do you notice or care if a book is self-published?

T3. What are the disadvantages of self-publishing?

T4. Advantages of self-publishing are…. 

T5. Tips for those thinking of self-publishing. 

Closing Thoughts. 

Next #WritersWise tweet-chat is with Sharon Dempsey @svjdempz to celebrate our XMas party and her latest book ‘My Virtual Life’ on 20th December. It will be our last #Writerswise of 2018!




November 22nd 9-10pm GMT #WritersWise making BIG Noise about @drlfarrell’s book, ‘Are you the f***ing doctor?’

Transcript of Dr Farrell’s chat.

Topic – Writing a Regular Column #Writerswise

T1 Where do you get the inspiration for your columns?

T2. How do you manage to hit deadlines?

T3 Does writing a column need discipline?

T4 How did you avoid breaching confidentiality?

T5 Did your editors have much input?

Closing Thoughts.

Here are the details of the BOOK!!!

We are DELIGHTED to say our own co-founder Dr Liam Farrell’s book is OUT NOW. ‘Are you the f***ing doctor?’

Dr Liam Farrell was a family doctor on the Irish border and is an award-winning writer and seasoned broadcaster. He was a columnist for the British Medical Journal for 20 years and currently writes for GP, the leading publication for general practitioners in the UK. He has also been a columnist for The Lancet, the Journal of General Practice, the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News. He wrote the entry on sex for The Oxford Companion to the Body. On Twitter he curates #Irishmed, a weekly global ‘tweetchat’ on all medical issues.

‘I love Liam and his writing for three reasons. One, he tells it fearlessly like it is, as he is, and not under some sheepish pseudonym. Two, just because he tells it like it is, doesn’t mean it’s true. Like all great comic writers, he polishes a grain of truth until it’s a pearl of pleasure and beautifully-crafted debauchery that still smells true. Three, unless he’s been lying to me, Liam is a deeply flawed individual with a heart of gold whose life is even more interesting than the stuff he makes up.’ Dr Phil Hammond, author of ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’ and Private Eye’s ‘MD’ columnist‘

A unique voice that combines insight, humour, and an often surreal style.’ Richard Smith, BMJ editor-in-chief 1991-2004‘

Razor sharp wit and allure. His personal account of his addiction is one of the most compelling I have ever read.’Chris Smith, The Naked Scientist

‘General practice is the great unknown. We stand on the cusp of the beyond.Science takes us only so far, then the maps stop in the grey areas of intuition,imagination and feelings: here be dragons. Lurching from heart-breaking tragedy to high farce, we are the Renaissance men and women of medicine; our art is intangible. Anything can walk through our door…’

Family doctor, Irishman, musician, award-winning author, anarchist and recovering morphine addict, Liam became a columnist for the BMJ in 1994. He went on to write for many major publications, winning a series of prestigious awards; in 2005, he was the first doctor to win Columnist of the Year in the Periodical Publishers Association awards.

The book contains a selection of Liam’s best work, from his columns, blogs and short stories.Brilliantly funny, glittering with literary allusion and darkly wicked humour, this book is much more than a collection of stand-alone anecdotes and whimsical reflections, rather a compelling chronicle of the daily struggles – and personal costs – of a doctor at the coalface.

Are you the f***ing doctor. Buy it here.






Should writers write what they know? Clar Ni Chonghaile. Normal time 9-10pm GMT Thurs 18th Oct. #WritersWise @clarnic



Transcript on the Tweet-chat with Clar Ni Chonghaile.


T1: Where do you stand on the advice that writers should only write what they know?

 T2: Do you think there are anything subjects you are not qualified/allowed to write about?

T3: When you are writing about something you don’t know, where do you go/what do you do to research a particular period or event to make sure the context is accurate?

 T4: Does your inspiration tend to come from personal knowledge or curiosity, or a combination of both?

 T5: What would your one-line maxim on writing be?

Closing thoughts.


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 21.08.14

Clar’s novel ‘the Reckoning’ launched on 15th October 2018. The Reckoning purchase link here

“I have a story to tell you, Diane. It is my story and your story and the story of a century that remade the world. When we reach the end, you will be the ultimate arbiter of whether it was worth your time. You will also sit in judgment on me.”

In a cottage in Normandy, Lina Rose is writing to the daughter she abandoned as a baby. Now a successful if enigmatic author, she is determined to trace her family’s history through the two world wars that shaped her life.

But Lina can no longer bear to carry her secrets alone, and once the truth is out, can she ever be forgiven?

Clár Ní Chonghaile stuns in her third book for Legend Press weaving a complex narrative covering conflict, secrets, judgement and what it takes to sever family ties.



Talk with Bloodhound Books Authors. Note time is 8-9pm GMT on 11th Oct. #ReadBHAuthors

Ever want to know what a group of authors think?

Join us and talk with a pack of hounds! Bloodhound Books authors (hounds) will be released into the wilds of twitter for an hour’s conversation on 11th Oct. 8-9pm GMT.

www.bloodhoundbooks.com link has the distinguished list of Bloodhound authors. There will be quite a few joining us for a frantic filled hour of fun.

Readers, emerging writers and ALL tweeters WELCOME.

Please note the one-off-new-time of 8-9PM GMT.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.33.52.png

These are the questions to keep us as a pack.

T1. As we are crime writers, what crime writers do you read? Follow? Warning – Authors will share some of their links here. 🙂 

T2. What makes a successful crime novel for you as a reader/writer?

T3. What events are good for crime writers? Have you attended/talked at one? 

T4. What crime writing marketing is most effective in your opinion? (What might help you decide as a reader to buy a crime novel). 

T5. Have you a question you always wanted to ask a crime writer? Warning – there may be many different answers to your question. 

CT. Closing thoughts. 

Our next tweet-chat is 18th of October with Clar Ni Chonghaile on the launch of her new novel ‘The Reckoning’ and with the topic ‘Should writers write what they know?’







@OrlaMcAWrites Orla McAlinden #WritersWise on 20th Sept talks Swapping Genres Successfully. 9-10pm GMT. #TheFlightoftheWren.

20th Sept 9-10pm GMT. 

Topic: Swapping genres successfully from book to book.

T1: Do you have a favorite author who frequently swaps genre?

T2: Have you ever picked up a book by an author, whose work you know well, and been disappointed by an unexpected genre-switch?

T3: Have you ever decided not to read a book based on genre-specific cover art? Why? Did you ever change your mind, give it a try, and then love the book?

T4: Do you think prolific, genre-swapping writers should use pseudonyms or slightly different names/initals etc to distinguish their different types of books?

T5 : Do you think it’s more sensible to write what your established audience knows and enjoys, or to write the story that your heart desires to tell?


Orla McAlinden is a Pushcart Prize nominee, the Cecil Day Lewis emerging writer 2016, the winner of the BGEIBA Irish Short Story of the Year 2016 award, and other awards. Her debut collection The Accidental Wife won the 2014 Eludia Award from Sowilo Press in Philadelphia, and was published in July 2016.

Orla’s debut novel The Flight of the Wren and a second story collection Full of Grace will be published by Mentor Press, Dublin in Sep 2018 and January 2019 respectively.

 The Flight of the Wren

Ireland, 1848. Orphaned Sally Mahon has a choice to make. Lie down and die on the graves of her parents, or join the throngs of the dispossessed on the highways of Ireland. She turns her steps to the nearby town of Newbridge in Kildare, where she will carve a future for herself or die trying.

Tasmania, 1919. Spanish Flu sweeps through Hobart, travelling across the oceans with the soldiers returning from the war in Europe. Saoirse Gordon sits by her Grandmother’s sickbed. As the old woman cries out in her delirium, will the secrets Saoirse learns bring her peace, or destroy her forever? Have her Grandmother, her great-aunt and her mother been lying to her all her life? Saoirse races against time, and her grandmother’s illness, to unravel the secrets of her family.

Inspired by true events, the tales of real Irish women and girls weave throughout this poignant blend of fact and fiction. The Flight of the Wren explores the impact of the Irish famine of 1845-1849 on the women of Ireland. Acts of desperation, betrayal, courage and love illuminate this dark chapter of Ireland’s history in a complex and beautiful novel. Winner of the Cecil Day Lewis award 2016 and joint winner of the Greenbean Novel Fair 2016 at the Irish Writers Centre.

The Flight of the Wren purchase link here.

Our next #Writerswise tweet-chat is on Oct 11th with Sarah Webb. Children’s and YA author. @sarahwebbishere.



Writing sensitive, emotive topics in fiction with Jennie Ensor 13th Sept 9-10pm GMT.

Topic; Writing about difficult and emotive topics in fiction. 13th September 9-10pm.

Transcript of chat here.

Introductions and hullos. DON’T forget to use #WritersWise on ALL TWEETS for the hour.

T1. Do you ever read or write fiction with emotive, challenging and sensitive subject matter? (eg self harm, suicide, drug abuse, child abuse, sexual violence) Why? Why not?

T2. What are the essentials for writers to think of when tackling such challenging and sensitive topics?

T3. If the topics are personal to the writer, what might be the pitfalls?

T4. What books/authors do you feel cover difficult topics well? How do they achieve this?

Closing thoughts. 


JE apres ski cropped.JPG

A Londoner with Irish heritage, Jennie Ensor began her writing career as a journalist, obtaining a Masters in Journalism (winning two student awards) and covering topics from forced marriages to mining accidents. She isn’t afraid to tackle controversial issues in her novels, either – Islamic terrorism, Russian gangsters and war crimes in her debut Blind Side (Unbound, 2016); child abuse and sexual exploitation in her latest book THE GIRL IN HIS EYES, a dark psychological family drama to be published by Bloodhound Books on 18 September 2018.

Jennie Ensor’s short story ‘The Gift’ was placed in the Top 40 of the Words and Women national prose competition; her poetry has appeared in many publications, most recently Ink Sweat and Tears. In her spare time, Ms Ensor cycles, sings in a chamber choir and dreams of setting off on a long trip with her Kindle.

Author Links

Author website & blog: https://jennieensor.com

Author Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JennieEnsorAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jennie_Ensor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennieensor/

Jennie Ensorwww.jennieensor.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JennieEnsorAuthor
Twitter: @jennie_ensor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennieensor/

Forthcoming book THE GIRL IN HIS EYES out 18 September 2108, published by Bloodhound Books

BLIND SIDE (Unbound, 2016)
Paperback edition available from your local bookshop (UK only), including Waterstones and independent booksellers

Amazon (paperback & e-book): https://geni.us/bldsd


Our next #Writerswise is on Thursday 20th with Orla McAlinden on Genre Hopping Successfully.