#WritersWise @ladynicci on ‘Influence of True Crime on Writing.’ 4th July 9-10pm BST /4pm ET. All welcome.

Transcript of tweet-chat with Nicola Cassidy. Click here.


Link to Nicola’s new novel #TheNannyatNumber43 here

Topic for the hour on 4th July 9-10pm BST 4pm ET on #WritersWise is ‘The Influence of True Crime in our writing.’

Format – Introductions and hullos for first few mins. 

Then the questions are popped up by us (@sharontwriter/@drlfarrell) at intervals through the hour.

T1. Do you read/have interest in true crime?

T2 How might true crime influence what you read/write?

T3 What are the advantages of using true crime as basis for fiction?

T4 Disadvantages of same.

T5 Could you please RT + follow @ladynicci on her launch week, thank u.

Closing Thoughts 

Next #WritersWise is on Thurs 18th July.


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