#WritersWise Thursday 13th June 9-10pm BST with @hearmeroarmedia/@EmmaHayes25 on PR&Marketing for writers.

Hear me Roar PR company link.

Link to transcript of entire chat on 13th June with PR company Hear Me Roar Media.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 10.42.30

#WritersWise will be a tweet-chat on Marketing & PR for writers in 2019. Our guest-host is Hear Me Roar Media – Contemporary PR for the digital age.

Hear me Roar Media helps Start-ups, SME’s and authors/writers find their audience and tell their unique stories across Ireland and the UK. Hear Me Roar Media wants to do things a little differently from the traditional model of PR and communications. We want to take your story and creatively magnify it to your targeted audience, in a way that fills people with recognition for your brand, product/service or book.

Emma Hayes runs Hear Me Roar Media a PR/communications agency for writers, start-ups and SMEs. Emma has experience working as a successful Freelance Writer she is also an Aspiring Author having written her first book which she is about to start submitting to agents.

Questions for Tweet-chat on June 13th to keep the conversation on track are;

1. Why should writers send out a press release about their book?

2. Why is PR for writers important?

3. Does building an online profile matter?

4. How do you prepare for media attention?

5. What’s the best way to pitch to the media?

Our next #WritersWise is with Tina Callaghan on 27th June 2019 9-10pm BST

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