‘Trying to build a writing life? What might help?’ #WritersWise With #Indulgeinwriting @sharontwriter on 7th June 9-10pm.



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On Thursday 7th June, #WritersWise co-founder, Sharon Thompson will chat about ‘Building your Writing life’. All writers are welcome to join in from 9-10pm.

Introduction and T1. What is your writing life like? Describe it and share it here.

T2. What helps you most in building your writing life?

T3. What pitfalls made you stumble in creating your writing life?

T4. Where did you start or what would you recommend to those starting out?

T5. Are there any links, groups, events you’d recommend to other writers? Pls Share.

Closing thoughts.

Sharon Thompson @sharontwriter, is a number one best-selling author and she has started a writing group called Indulgeinwriting. It’s aim is to help writers to build their writing lives.

#Indulgeinwriting is an exclusive network of writers.

Connect with established and establishing writers. Have real, sustained support at your finger-tips from those who ‘get writing’. Join our wonderful community for links and expert opinions on writing and getting published.

Build your writing life and #Indulgeinwriting.

Contact us.

  • Meet writers who have succeeded in their writing careers, those who write for pleasure and those who are on the road to publication.
  • Hear, see and learn skills from established people in the writing industry.
  • Network and build your writing CV/brand.
  • Have access to private social media forums for tips and opinions.
  • Establish your social media networks and expand your knowledge of writing.
  • Simply indulge your passion for writing.

Check out the full website www.indulgeinwriting.com and join in the #Writerwise tweet-chat. Check out #indulgeinwriting You-tube for some of the material that is available to members.

Next #WriterWise is on 14th June with Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin @inkwellHQ



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