Contemporary Crime Fiction with @MrDBLyons on 22nd Thurs 9-10pm. Launching his debut novel ‘Midday’ with us.


David B. Lyons is a former award-winning journalist-turned-author. He is a writer of psychological thrillers, the first of which – Midday – was compared to the writing of Quentin Tarantino by Bookstormer: “For me he is the Tarantino of the book world.” Not a bad start to life as an author! He signed a three-book publishing deal with Bloodhound Books at the tail end of 2017.

David grew up in Dublin – the city his novels are set – but currently spends his time between Birmingham in the UK and the Irish capital. He is married to a Brummie, Kerry, and they have one daughter, Lola.

He has also lectured in Creative Writing in colleges and universities in both Ireland and in the UK.

Follow David here:
Twitter: @MrDBLyons

Topic is ‘Contemporary Crime fiction and Submitting’.
Intro/Hullos and what you like to read/write.
T1. What contemporary crime fiction do you read/write?
T2. What are the advantages of writing contemporary fiction in general.
T3 What is difficult about contemporary fiction?
T3. Where do you submit contemporary crime fiction?
T5. Tips for submitting in this genre are…
Closing thoughts. (CT)
Next #WritersWise is with Caroline Busher on 5th April.

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