Publishing Dreams – Tips and services around Self-publishing. On #WritersWise 27th July 9-10pm 

Look at our interview with Orla Kelly.

Transcript of tweets on Orla’s chat.
Topics for tweetchat on 27th July.

T1. What are the most common mistakes authors looking to publish make.

T2. What questions authors need to think about before self-publishing and what to ask your publisher.

T3. What happens after you publish and what authors need to know. Why its not enough to just be an author.

T4. How to best set up and use your book to promote your business, product or service.

Closing thoughts.

And…  of course have your own questions at the ready for Orla and our #Writerswise folk.  

Orla Kelly Publishing was set up 3 years ago to give authors the best quality self publishing service.

Having started as an author a few years ago, I understood the challenges faced by other authors and wanted to use my expertise to help them fulfil their dream of being published.

I publish on Amazon, Smashwords and Ingramspark and take care of everything from account creation, formatting, design including ebook and print book design, keyword research/ meta data and uploading of the book files and all relevant supplementary data.

I work in the fiction and non-fiction genres and now specialize in publishing for business clients so they can use their book to promote their business, product or services. I offer a full range of digital and print services for all clients.

Contact Orla here 


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