Published. How to get there and what’s it like?

Transcript of chat – Published-Getting there and What it’s like. Adele O’Neil.

Thurs June 29th 9-10pm GMT (4pm ET)

Guest-host Adele O’Neill @adelesbooks  talks about being a debut novelist.

How did she get published and what’s it like?

Questions for chat conversation;

T1. Making your manuscript the absolute best it can be, how to do this?

T2. Writing a kick ass query letter, what your query letter and submission package should look like? (and what it shouldn’t be)

T3. How to get an agent interested in representing you?

T4. How to immerse yourself in the literary scene?

T5. How to sell yourself?

For the select few – T6 How does it feel to be a published author? 

Closing thoughts (CT).

Next chat is on 27th July with Orla Kelly Editor on self-publishing. 

 All about Adele O’Neil  – 

profile 2

Adele O Neill is a writer from County Wicklow, Ireland. Her first book,  Brothers and Sisters  is a character driven story of survival, buried pasts and unwavering sibling loyalty. Alternating between life in the 1970’s and the present day, the story gently unravels a host of dark family secrets thread by thread making the reader question whether they would do the same for the ones they love.

She has a particular fondness for both reading and writing fiction that is realistic and relatable and is currently working on her second book,  Safe Distance,  a suspenseful saga of secrets, lies, violence and love. What would you do if the person you loved wasn’t who they said they were?

Adele is a board member of the Wexford Literary Festival and divides her time between writing her second novel and proactively working towards a wonderful Literary Festival in Wexford in 2017.

She lives overlooking the Irish Sea with her husband and two teenage daughters.

book cover

‘Brothers and Sisters’ by Adele O’Neill here;



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