#WritersWise guest-host is Red Pen Edits on 8th June 9-10pm

Jean O’Sullivan.

Click here for transcript of tweetchat on editing with @red_pen_edits. 

Firetalk recorded interview with Jean here

For list of editors available to talk with writers about their services check out http://www.writing.ie list – Editing. Services for writers section.

Also Registered editors.  

*Please note we don’t recommend the services of anyone but are merely giving you a list to help you on your way. 

Other editors who were mentioned to us are;

Red Pen Edits. Jean O’Sullivan.

@MMPROOFINGREADING Mary McCauley proofreading 



About our guest-host Jean O’Sullivan. 

Jean O’Sullivan lives in Cork with her two sons and dog. It all started when she won a prize for writing a poem in first class and hasn’t stopped reading and writing since! Her interest in editing started then too. She was the one who would point out the teacher’s misspellings on the board… Jean’s eldest was born in 1998 with a heart condition and cerebral palsy. Between then and 2012 she had plenty of time to read sitting in Enable Ireland and Crumlin waiting rooms for his appointments and therapies.

Having had a hard time reading books once more than an occasion typo was spotted, she decided to train as an editor and proofreader to prevent other readers being blindsided by such things. She returned to education, studying business, editing and proofreading. Red Pen Edits was born in 2015. Since then she has worked with a varied and diverse range of clients and professionals alike. Her specialties include: fiction flow and structure, preserving the authors voice and timelines. Professional and self-development books are among her favourites to work on, with a grá for chick lit or romantic fiction – or whatever it’s called this year!


Topic for tweet chat – Editing.


T1. Why do we need editing? 

T2. Plot or noose? 

T3. How do you find editors?

T4. The truth about author/editor relationships. Pls share. 

CT. – Closing Thoughts. 

The next #WritersWise chat is on the 29th June with novelist Adele O’Neil @adelesbooks on ‘Published. How to get there. What’s it like?’ 


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