Maura McElhone, 20th April 9-10 pm covering “Creative Non-Fiction.” 

Transcript of Maura’s slot on #Writerswise

Maura McElhone is a columnist for the Farmers Journal and RTE Radio One’s CountryWide programme. A Derry native, she spent six years in the U.S. before chronicling her “unemigration” story for the Irish Times. She now works full-time for a Dublin software company and lives in Kildare with her boyfriend, the inspiration behind her blog,

Maura is currently working on her first book which looks at the laughs and life lessons that ensue when the worlds of “townie” and farmer collide.

Listen to her interview with us here:
Maura McElhone – Columnist and blogger



twitter:           @MauraWrites 

phone:            083 188 2437

Questions for 20th April 9-10 pm. 

T1. What is creative nonfiction, anyway? 

T2. Why should other people be interested in your personal experiences / story? 

T3. How do you market and/or promote creative non fiction? 

T4. What is the most challenging aspect of writing creative nonfiction? 

T5. What is the biggest reward that comes from writing creative nonfiction?

Closing thoughts. 


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