Book bloggers/reviewers. What they do and why?30th March 9-10 pm.

Recorded video with Margaret Madden. Scroll to 6:15

Transcript of chat with Margaret Madden.

We trended again in Ireland. Making it to number 5 on the charts. 

Our guest host is Margaret Madden. Margaret is a book blogger at 

She also reviews and writes features for the Sunday Independent, the Irish Times and A Mum of five, who also fosters, she is a full time BA student of English and History who sometimes forgets that the whole world does not revolve around books (and is horrified by this fact).

Her successful blog is 

Our questions for 30th March are;


T1 How do you approach bookbloggers for reviews?

T2 How do you engage with potential readers?

T3 What happens if you get a bad review?

T4 What do you know about blog tours? 

Closing thoughts (CT)

Hope you can join us. Margaret knows all about this sector and chatting with her is a great opportunity. Reviewers and bloggers are vital for writers and this is a great forum to ask what you’ve always wanted to know. 

Our next chat is with Andrea Mara on the 13th April. 


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