#WritersWise is a chat on twitter.


For those of you new or used to self-promotion and networking on Twitter our Tweet-chat #WritersWise is a good place to be.

It’s a guilt-free, structured hour of social media where you meet like-minded ‘bookish’ folk, who want to talk all things #WritersWise.

Super easy and welcoming, #WritersWise is simple to join. Just use the symbol # and word WritersWise (#WriterWise) every time you tweet with us for the hour. Times and dates are on the website here and we promote the next chats often on Twitter.

(16th March 9-10 pm next one. Topic and questions we will discuss below)

You can follow the conversation in the search engine on Twitter or using the app tchat.io

  • We cover many topics from genres, festivals, submissions, self-publishing, writing tips and how to secure an agent and get published.
  • You can chat with your favourite writers. Lots turn up.
  • Our guest-hosts are all successful, knowledgable people in the writing industry.
  • Emerging and inspiring writers get to information they wouldn’t normally find online.
  • One to one chats with authors, literary scouts and publishers all happen regularly on #WritersWise.
  • Follow me @sharontwriter and @drlfarrell. We can encourage you to tweet and keep up with our great fortnightly chats.
  • We trend and have reached the top trending spots, even Number 1.

SEE YOU ON TWITTER. 🙂 and Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/WritersWise-215141802172475/


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