#WritersWise co-founder will discuss “Writing a regular column” on 16th Feb 9-10pm.

Transcript of Dr Liam Farrell’s 

“Writing a regular column.” https://storify.com/drlfarrell/writerswise-writing-a-regular-column

Our esteemed Co -Founder Liam, was guest-host on the 16th Feb 9pm GMT.

Dr Liam Farrell a former family doctor and an award-winning writer and broadcaster. He also curates the #IrishMed tweetchat and is a big-shot in the small yet dull world of medical satire. He is signed with the Feldstein literary agency, who are trying to flog, “Are you the f***ing doctor? Selected writings,” and, “Morphine and Me; the story of a blessing and a curse.”

Twitter; @drlfarrell
Facebook page; https://t.co/y3q8vd5euN
E-mail; drfarrell@hotmail.co.uk Tel; 02841738988

Questions for the chat

T1. How do you get a column? 

T2. How do you keep a column?

T3. Where do you get your ideas from?

T4. How do you write your columns?


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