Vivian Convoy will take #WritersWise tweetchat to opening lines and making a lasting impression. 

Having read her first Agatha Christie at thirteen, Vivian Conroy fell in love with the mystery genre and now writes the Lady Alkmene Callender 1920s’ Mysteries for an imprint of HarperCollins. In the November release, Deadly Treasures, Lady Alkmene visits an excavation in Cornwall where she finds more than just dry bones … When not writing, Vivian loves growing windowsill herbs, hiking and trying new desserts. Connect with her on Twitter via @VivWrites and find all about the Lady Alkmene series on Amazon and Goodreads.

Vivian’s topic is – “Marley was dead, to begin with.” Grabbing Your Reader Right From The Start. 


T1 Introduce yourself and tell us what genre you write.

T2 What is your fave opening line from a novel?

T3 What function does opening line and scene have? 

T4 Have you ever been guilty of starting book too soon (action withoyt reader ref) or too late (backstory)? 

T5 How can you improve your opening scene for submission? 

Closing thoughts. Next chat with author Ruth Long @RFLong on Thurs 8th Dec at 8pm. 


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