Top Trending on twitter. 

#Writerswise are making it to the top of Twitter trends in Ireland. This means #writerswise is noticed. So if you are involved your tweets are too. Agents, agent scouts and publishers follow twitter and know of #WritersWise. 

We encourage you to tell us about yourself and your writing. You can share links to your work and find out about the industry. 

#Writerswise exposes established writers to their fans and to new readers. 

#Writerswise provides opportunities to interact with those in the writing industry. 

#Writerswise organises the chats which are a wealth of free advice and tips for your writing lives. 

Simply follow the hashtag and use it to join a thriving, online writing presence.

  • It costs nothing. 
  • You get an excuse to be on social media. 
  • You meet and chat with fellow writers. 

Next chat is the 28th Oct. 8pm GMT 3pm ET. Join us at #WritersWise. 


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