11th August Susan Lanigan will shake things up a bit. 

Susan with her book “White Feathers.” check it out on https://t.co/UQeQrvnvER or https://t.co/8rn28IlDUp 

On the 11th Aug on twitter @8pm GMT 3pm ET join us and guest host Susan Lanigan for #writerswise. 

Topic is – Awkward questions. 

T1. Given the news, horrific wars, and how man is fouling, burning, exterminating life on planet Earth, is writing fiction an arrogant indulgence?
T2.Speaking as a mentally ill writer: If we do choose to write, how do we silence “monkey mind” when it distracts us with depressive thoughts?

T3. Irish authors: why do we never talk about how badly our critical elite serves us? Are genre writers silenced, talked down to?
T4.“Ah sure all of us writers are mentally ill to some degree”. A silencing tactic and utter b.s. that suits the establishment, or fair point?

T5. Discuss that the main function of effective historical fiction is that it keeps providing a ruthless mirror to the present.

We are looking forward to tweeting with you all on the 11th. 

We take questions in turn so even if you mad to answer t4 please try to wait until it is put up on the forum just to help us with the flow of the discussions. 

Thanks and see you all soon. It should be an exciting chat. 


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