#WritersWise – Trending Tweet Chat

WritersWise Social Media Owl

Welcome Writers,

This is what happens when you should be writing…. but go on twitter and find a tweet-pal who writes too!

Dr Liam Farrell and myself (Sharon Thompson) started #WritersWise following the Doc’s successful #Irishmed venture.

To join the chat just appear on twitter at 8pm GMT/ 3pm ET on the publicised dates and use the hashtag (#WritersWise) if you make a comment.


We invite Guest hosts to help us with their expertise. They provide topics, discussions and advice to fellow writers. If you would like to guest host please get in touch.

@sharontwriter or @drlfarrell

We trend often. (This is great!)

It’s a positive forum for an hour.

The next #Writerswise dates are; –

July 14th with Hazel Gaynor and 22nd with Catherine Ryan Howard.

Hope you will chirp into #WritersWise

WritersWise Facebook page goo.gl/2A2zos

How it all works below.

#WritersWise Info Image Owl


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