Maura McElhone, 20th April 9-10 pm covering “Creative Non-Fiction.” 

Transcript of Maura’s slot on #Writerswise

Maura McElhone is a columnist for the Farmers Journal and RTE Radio One’s CountryWide programme. A Derry native, she spent six years in the U.S. before chronicling her “unemigration” story for the Irish Times. She now works full-time for a Dublin software company and lives in Kildare with her boyfriend, the inspiration behind her blog,

Maura is currently working on her first book which looks at the laughs and life lessons that ensue when the worlds of “townie” and farmer collide.

Listen to her interview with us here:
Maura McElhone – Columnist and blogger



twitter:           @MauraWrites 

phone:            083 188 2437

Questions for 20th April 9-10 pm. 

T1. What is creative nonfiction, anyway? 

T2. Why should other people be interested in your personal experiences / story? 

T3. How do you market and/or promote creative non fiction? 

T4. What is the most challenging aspect of writing creative nonfiction? 

T5. What is the biggest reward that comes from writing creative nonfiction?

Closing thoughts. 

13th April 9-10pm. @office_mum discusses “Using blogging to move your writing career.”

Andrea Mara debut novel ‘The Other Side of the Wall’ is out on the 6th June.

 #WritersWise transcript of her chat is here

Thk u to all who join us on the 13th April. 

Andrea Mara is a freelance writer and blogger, who lives in Dublin with her husband and three young children. She writes lifestyle features for Irish newspapers, magazines, and websites, and has won multiple awards for blogging. She attempts – often badly – to balance work, family and writing, then lets off steam on her blog, When she’s not keeping one eye on the kids, and the other on Twitter, she’s furiously scribbling notes for her next book. Her first book, The Other Side of the Wall, will be published by Poolbeg Press later this year.

Andrea Mara – Freelance Writer & Blogger



twitter:           @Office_Mum

facebook:        Facebook/ Office Mum     

phone:             086 842 7310

Questions for #WritersWise tweetchat. 

T1. Why might people start blogging/why did you start? 

T2. Where can you find material and followers for your blog? 

T3. How might blogging advance your writing life? 

T4. What pit falls could you tell other bloggers/those who want to start? 

T5. Do all writers need to blog? 

Closing thoughts 

Our next chat is with Maura McElhone @maurawrites on the 20th April. 9-10 pm. 



Book bloggers/reviewers. What they do and why?30th March 9-10 pm.

Recorded video with Margaret Madden. Scroll to 6:15

Transcript of chat with Margaret Madden.

We trended again in Ireland. Making it to number 5 on the charts. 

Our guest host is Margaret Madden. Margaret is a book blogger at 

She also reviews and writes features for the Sunday Independent, the Irish Times and A Mum of five, who also fosters, she is a full time BA student of English and History who sometimes forgets that the whole world does not revolve around books (and is horrified by this fact).

Her successful blog is 

Our questions for 30th March are;


T1 How do you approach bookbloggers for reviews?

T2 How do you engage with potential readers?

T3 What happens if you get a bad review?

T4 What do you know about blog tours? 

Closing thoughts (CT)

Hope you can join us. Margaret knows all about this sector and chatting with her is a great opportunity. Reviewers and bloggers are vital for writers and this is a great forum to ask what you’ve always wanted to know. 

Our next chat is with Andrea Mara on the 13th April. 

#WritersWise is a chat on twitter.


For those of you new or used to self-promotion and networking on Twitter our Tweet-chat #WritersWise is a good place to be.

It’s a guilt-free, structured hour of social media where you meet like-minded ‘bookish’ folk, who want to talk all things #WritersWise.

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(16th March 9-10 pm next one. Topic and questions we will discuss below)

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16th March #Writerswise wants your pitch/query/submission to sing.. With @VivWrites

Vivian Conroy writes the Lady Alkmene Callender Mysteries and the Country Gift Shop Mysteries for HQ Digital UK, a division of HarperCollins UK. For all the latest book news, with a dash of dogs and chocolate, follow her via @VivWrites.


“Using voice to make your query sing.” 

Q1: How do you see a query: necessary evil or essential tool?

 Q2: How can you make your query experience better?

 Q3: How can you make the query reflective of your writing style? 

Q4: Considered at word level, what can you improve about your query by exchanging words or rephrasing?
Closing thoughts. 

Next chat is with Margaret Bonass Madden on the 30th March. 9-10 pm 

2nd March 9-10pm Discussing “Importance of Literary Festivals” with chairperson of Wexford Literary Festival @happymrsh – Carmel Harrington. 

Wexford Literary Festival 2017 runs from Friday, May 19 to Sunday, May 21 in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, the heart of Ireland’s South-East. With a packed programme of special guests, workshops and literary prizes, including the annual Colm Tóibín International Short Story Award, Wexford Literary Festival is fast becoming one of the highlights of the literary calendar. 


T1 Why are literary festivals so important?

T2 Should speakers be paid for their time. Discuss.

T3 Tips for submitting an application to speak at a festival.

T4 The importance of writing awards

Closing thoughts.

Transcript of chat

Wexford Literary Festival Chairperson – Carmel Harrington

Sunday Independent & Irish Times Bestseller, Carmel Harrington is an award winning author from Co. Wexford, translated into eight languages. Her latest novel The Things I Should Have Told You (HarperCollins) was shortlisted for a 2016 BGE Irish Book Award. She is a regular on TV3 as one of the panelists on the Elaine Show. For more information, visit

#WritersWise co-founder will discuss “Writing a regular column” on 16th Feb 9-10pm.

Transcript of Dr Liam Farrell’s 

“Writing a regular column.”

Our esteemed Co -Founder Liam, was guest-host on the 16th Feb 9pm GMT.

Dr Liam Farrell a former family doctor and an award-winning writer and broadcaster. He also curates the #IrishMed tweetchat and is a big-shot in the small yet dull world of medical satire. He is signed with the Feldstein literary agency, who are trying to flog, “Are you the f***ing doctor? Selected writings,” and, “Morphine and Me; the story of a blessing and a curse.”

Twitter; @drlfarrell
Facebook page;
E-mail; Tel; 02841738988

Questions for the chat

T1. How do you get a column? 

T2. How do you keep a column?

T3. Where do you get your ideas from?

T4. How do you write your columns?